Technology just gets better!

I first saw this on Youtube at the beginning of last year and it’s a great ‘tongue in cheek’ sell of the Ikea 2015 catalogue. But it does reinforce the point that most of us still prefer to have a catalogue or a magazine that we can flick through.

And these are some of the reasons that Ikea still print their catalogue.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Needs no power or wifi
  • Handy size
  • Easy to find what you’re looking for
  • You can read it at anytime
  • Longevity – will be referred to time and time again

If a retail giant like Ikea still believe the printed catalogue is an important cog in their marketing  wheel, perhaps we should ask ourselves some questions.

  • How many sales are being lost through adopting an ‘online only’ marketing strategy?
  • Would our business benefit from catering for those customers who prefer a printed catalogue?

Here are some pointers to help answer those questions from a Market Research poll in 214

  • 60% of consumers visited a retailer’s website within a week of receiving their catalogue
  • 50% of these consumers then spent £40 or more on their first purchase
  • 70% of consumers will also keep their catalogues for at least a month with a third hanging on to them for up to a year
  • Average browse times of a catalogue were between 5 and 30 minutes compared to the average online browsing time of 11 minutes

So as you can see the printed catalogue supports the online activity and drives sales to the website. Without it, who knows where those sales would go – perhaps to your competitor who still has a catalogue..?

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