9 easy ways to upsell


Upselling to an existing customer is between seven and twenty times more cost-efficient than trying to win a new client. However, many sales people could do a lot more upselling.

At times we get used to dealing with our customers in the same old way. We forget how many opportunities are available to us. We leave great sales opportunities on the table. It’s time to carry out more upselling.

Here is a quick list of nine easy ways to upsell:

  • Suggest an upgrade or additional product when you take a quote request
  • Suggest an upgrade on your quotes
  • Add a new product on your e-mail signature
  • Send out a direct mail piece advertising a new service
  • Post a case study on social media using a premium print product
  • Send samples of different products
  • Send an e-mail showcasing a new service
  • Include a flyer about a different product when you deliver an item (or include a sample)
  • Ask your clients what else they would like you to provide (you may well be offering what they want anyway!)
  • Learn more upselling skills as well as a simple strategy that adds 5% to your profit

The easiest way to grow sales is to upset your existing clients

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