NCR Printing, duplicating sets are one of our particular specialities. Our NCR pads come with a whole range of different options and are printed on high-quality carbonless paper made specifically for this type of work.  Pads come in the form of 50 loose sets in 2-4 parts glued together with a grey backing board.

They are a quick and simple solution when several copies of a document are required. The range of applications is endless, from Delivery Notes to Restaurant Order Pads or Sales Invoices.

Our pads are completely bespoke and can be customised with your own design. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

NCR sets are supplied ready to use as loose individual sets as standard.


Finishing Options

It is possible to specify ­­numerous finishing options to complete your NCR pad printing

  • Branded cover

  • Sequential numbering

  • Drilled holes

  • Wraparound covers

  • Design services

2 and 3 part NCR Pad Features & Options

  • Sizes A4, A5, A6, DL – Custom sizes available on request
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Paper colour order: white, yellow (unless requested otherwise)
  • Printed to the face of all the sheets*
  • Printed in Black and white, or full colour
  • 50 individual sets per pad
  • Wrap around covers*
  • Glued at the top or side
  • No carbon required
  • Grey board back & loose writing shield
  • Reverse printing*
  • Numbering*
  • Free UK mainland


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NCR pad?

NCR pads consist of 50 NCR sets which are glued together into NCR pads to form a convenient block.

What is an NCR book?

NCR books consist of 50 sets which are perforated. Books have a stiff card back, are robust and durable.

Do I need carbon paper?

No, we use special NCR paper which totally removes the need for the traditional blue carbon paper.

Paper colours

We can collate in a different order and we also offer pink, green and blue paper, there is no extra charge for this, you just have to let us know your specific requirements when ordering.

Sequential numbering?

Just let us know what number you would like to start with and the position and we’ll send you an online proof.

Can I send you over my artwork?

Can I design my own artwork?
Our professional design fees are very competitive (take a look at our NCR Design Service for further information), however, if you wish to design your own artwork and provide a print ready file then this is fine. Ideally you will need a professional design program such as the Adobe packages Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop or Corel Draw, however, some other programs such as Microsoft Word/Publisher/Excel are still able to produce files we can work with. Just supply us with a print ready pdf document

Artwork Guidelines:
Below are the basic requirements that we need from your artwork dependant on the software you are using.

Please Note (IMPORTANT)
Occasionally we do print from scanned images when instructed to, however, if the quality is important to you then for the best print results we would always advise that the artwork is re-drawn from scratch. If designing your own artwork we will only print what you supply, we will need the table/form and layout exactly how you want it to look. Microsoft Word/Publisher/Excel files must be converted to High Quality/Print Quality PDF.

We strongly recommend that you print a copy of your completed artwork before sending the file to us; this is not only to ensure you are happy with how it looks but to ensure you have enough room to write in the areas that are to be filled out.

Adobe Photoshop
Please ensure that your artwork is the same size as the product you are ordering, a minimum of 300dpi and that all layers are flattened prior to exporting your print ready file. For best results do not use any file size optimisation when saving your file. Please supply your artwork as a press-ready PDF/X-1a (preferred), PSD, TIFF or JPEG file.

Adobe Illustrator/InDesign (or similar)
Please ensure that your artwork is the same size as the product you are ordering, all fonts are converted to paths/outlines, all images are embedded correctly and any transparencies have been flattened. To preview how your artwork will look when printed, we would recommend viewing an Overprint Preview. This should identify any vector objects that have overprint applied to them; the object will appear transparent and as a result, will not be printed. In Acrobat Reader you can select Overprint Preview which can be located in the advanced drop-down menu; in both Adobe Illustrator/InDesign you can view an Overprint Preview by going to the view drop down menu and selecting Overprint Preview. Please supply your artwork as a press-ready PDF/X-1a.

Microsoft Word/Publisher/Excel (or similar)
In most instances (if designed at the correct size) we can print from artwork created in these programs, however, artwork must be exported to a High Quality/Print Quality PDF. Once exported to PDF, we strongly recommend that you print a copy of the document to ensure you are happy with how it looks before sending the file to us. We will also require a separate, high-resolution version of your company logo.

Margins for NCR Books, Pads & Sets:
Please allow a 2cm margin within your finished page size for the binding of books, this is the space required for the staples, spine tape and perforation and can be on an edge, we would recommend a 10mm margin within your finished page size on all other edges. NCR Pads and Sets do not require any margin for glueing, although we would recommend a 10mm margin within your finished page size on all edges.

If your design bleeds from the edges of the page then we will require 3mm of bleed on each edge (e.g. A4 with bleed would be 216mm x 303mm). If your design does not bleed from the page, i.e. everything to be printed is within the page size you are ordering, then no bleed is required at all.

Sequential Numbering:
When designing artwork that requires sequential numbering, please use font Arial 18pt as a guide for the amount of room that is required for this. When uploading artwork for your order, please supply 2 files; a visual showing the numbering position for reference and a second print ready file with the numbering removed. See our Video for further information.

Drilled Holes:
Please allow a 20mm margin within your finished page size for drilled holes.