Direct Mail Services

The reason a Birthday Card is so powerful is that it is: Relevant, because it is that person’s Birthday; Personal, because it is especially written and addressed to them; and Emotional, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a card on their Birthday. Direct Mail Services are better than you think

A Direct Mail piece should always be aiming to be as engaging with the recipient as a Birthday Card, and the nearer a mailing is to having that level of engagement the more effective it will be.


By far the most important element of any campaign is the quality and accuracy of the Data to be used. For any Marketing Campaign to be successful it must be aimed at Relevant People. You may have the most fantastic piece of Dental Equipment ever but if your marketing goes to Tree Surgeons it is very unlikely to make much of an impact. Cheap Data will almost always turn out to be a most expensive purchase. The amount of   resource wasted, either through telephone verifi cation or returned postage will be many times the extra cost of good quality data.


Throughout our catalogue you will see that we offer products Digitally as well as Litho Printed. Digital print has the huge advantage of being one by one. So it is possible to personalise your fi rst Letter, Flyer, Folder, Box etc to each recipient. Published data and our own experience tells us that the more personalised a mailing is the more likely it is to get opened.


The fi nal element in achieving great Direct Mail is to get Emotional ‘buy in’ from the recipient to the message being conveyed. Of course the actual proposition is still very important, but our recent investments in Digital Packaging mean that we can now produce promotional materials which really do stand out from the crowd and ensure that you get the attention of your audience.

Prepare the Mailing List

Getting the list, or data, right is the cornerstone of any Direct Mail. We offer a comprehensive range of List Creation and List Cleansing Services. You can be sure that our service avoids wasted resources and complies with Mailing legislation. The most important consideration in acquiring a list is that it is up to date. Research shows that after just twelve months up to 30% of data is likely to be inaccurate.

For a new list of business clients we partner with Thomson Business Search. They have over two million verified business contacts and guarantee that it is no more than three months since people on their database were contacted and their details verified.

Our service is not limited only to new data. We are very happy to carry out the cleaning of an existing list of lapsed customers or prospects. Our service can include de-duplicating and cross referencing to the Mail Preference service to eliminate addresses of people who have specifically opted out of receiving promotional mail. And we also offer the option of telephoning contacts direct to ensure that the information held in the list for them is contemporary and accurate. The goal is always to  minimise the amount of ineffective mail and maximise the return on investment.

Once the list of recipients has been sourced it can be used to create the mail shot. Good personalisation can greatly increase the performance of a campaign and we offer different levels of sophistication depending on the application.

Our automated Mailing machine can insert up to six inserts into a DL, C5 or C4 sized envelope and we can also undertake ‘manual mailings’, where the item to be sent is, for example, a small box or tube.

Preparing the Mailing – Mailing Options

  • Option One – Generic contents inserted into plain, addressed envelopes
  • Option Two – Personalised letter inserted into window envelopes
  • Option Three – Full Colour Digital Print
  • Option Four – Full Colour Digital Packaging

Our recently launched Digital Packaging really does mean ‘the sky is the limit’ when it comes to making very special Direct mail. We would be  elighted to work with you on producing award winning, standout mailing pieces.

Sending Your Mailing

We would be pleased to help you to choose the best service for your application.

Who to choose to send your mailing with is crucial in making it cost effective.

Once your mailing is complete it must be sent to your recipients. Who to choose to send your mailing with is crucial in making it cost effective. In addition there are often very substantial savings to be made in mailing costs by pre-sorting mail prior to entrusting it to the Royal Mail or other post provider.

The decision of the company to be used is best made early in the production process so that the order of names in the list can be changed to optimise carriage savings.