10 Business card mistakes you might be making


First impressions can go a long way, so make sure your business cards aren’t making any of these mistakes.

  1. Small font size. Some of us have perfect vision. But if that’s what it takes to read the letters and numbers on your card, you are asking for trouble. Because most of us don’t. So today (or before you print your new cards), please walk them around to a variety of people and ask a simple question: “Can you tell me what this says?”
  2. Glossy paper.Are you able to make a note on the back of your glossy card? Will your cards get a little dirty without it? Yes. But I’d rather be able to write on your card. And ask you to keep your cards out of your wallet.
  3. Light font colour So, if, your card uses a font that is too light (grey, for example) or one that is too close to the colour of your card, nobody will be able to read it. And if you can’t read it, probably there’s a good chance everybody will send an email to the wrong address or call the wrong phone number. Or just give up.
  4. Design inconsistent with website. Whether your business is just you or you + 100 others, there is great value in having a card design that integrates the look and feel of your brand. If you have a website, a store front, a product line look or anything else, shouldn’t the look of your business card be consistent?
  5. No links to social media sites. If you use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to attract people to your brand, therefore you should include links to those sites on your business card? It’s a great way to encourage more fans and followers. Simply by letting people know how to find you.
  6. No email/web address or bad email. Don’t have a website? Use your LinkedIn profile (as long as your Linkedin is up to date). Cards that had a nice logo and business name combined with a gmail address. That maybe lower your credibility. Especially when it is so easy to get an email address with your own custom url.
  7. Printed on poor quality paper. Please don’t “cheap out” on the paper. Your brand matters to people. And often the first and early impressions are based on things like your business card. Would I pay £10,000 to someone who has a paper-thin business card? Would you?
  8. Shares too much information. Some cards are so full of information that you really don’t know where to start. A business card is not a good place for your elevator pitch. It’s a place to entice people. To draw them in and guide them as to how they can learn more about your business or services. Are you over-delivering on your card?
  9. Includes no brand promise or tagline. Every person, company, organisation or nonprofit needs a clear and compelling brand. They quickly tell your story and tell people why you are relevant. Without a brand, your card is simply a contact card – a lot less interesting.
  10. Does not use back of card.  We believe in white space (room around the content that makes your card easier to read) so we always recommend
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